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EWG's Chemical Industry Archives include 50,000 pages of scientific studies and related documents from the EPA's regulatory docket for the two major perflurochemicals (PFCs) the agency has focused on to date. PFOS is the 3M Scotchgard ingredient that EPA forced off the market in 2000. PFOA, now made by Dupont and other companies, is the PFC used in the manufacture of Teflon. Hundreds of pages of internal 3M and Dupont documents, obtained through litigation underway in West Virgina, are also included in this collection. We will update the Scotchgard/Teflon collection with new documents from EPA and other sources as they become available.

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last updated: march.27.2009

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The Chemical Industry Archives is a project of the Environmental Working Group.
Many documents in the archives require Adobe Acrobat reader (free download).